The filing window for the Form 471 remains open! This years 471 filing window will remain open (for libraries only) until July 21st, 2016. Please remember that you must have a Form 470 (request for services) posted for the mandatory 28 day open bidding period before a Form 471 can be filed. The Form 471 allows us to request funding approval for our selected service providers and winning Category 2 bidders.

Please also see our eRate News page for updated information on the system wide changes to the BEAR payment process! A more direct method of payment has been put in place, and filling out a Form 498 will be required in order to receive all future BEAR payments.

The E-Rate program is changing and these changes could be problematic for those trying to file and receive funding for schools and libraries. To stay ahead of the modernization move may require a helping hand.

With the recent changes to the program come even more challenges which must be met in order to receive funding. We here at eRate Solutions seek to ease the difficulty in filing for all your eligible Category 1 and Category 2 needs.

Would you like to have someone take over the complete E-Rate process for you?

Contact eRate Solutions, LLC at 1-866-33-ERATE for assistance with all of your E-Rate filing needs.