Services Offered

The service eRate Solutions, L.L.C. provides is intended to be a turn key solution for any applicant. The E-rate program, originally intended to be a simple seasonal filing process, has become an overwhelming detail oriented process burdensome to many applicants.

Our service replaces nearly all of the E-rate related duties once handled by the technology director or team of office professionals. Our assistance in completing your E-rate process would alleviate any potential drain on your valuable time and resources. This allows you to free up your staff to concentrate on the pursuit of education.

Using our intimate knowledge of this program, eRate Solutions, L.L.C. provides a service which allows our Customers to receive timely Funding Commitment Decision that includes all that the Universal Service Fund has to offer. This service includes, but is not limited to, the following duties:

  • Utilizing strategic planning with our Customers to establish what parts of their current technology plan are eligible. In addition, facilitating any state projects or grant programs that E-rate is able to complement by being a part of the application process. Providing additional research, documentation and paperwork that is not normally a part of the application process to ensure eligibility of all products and services.
  • Diligently pursuing the procurement of discounts for telecommunication and information services available to our Customers under the Universal Service Fund or E-rate. Completing for our Customers’ signature, all necessary forms required by Universal Service Administrative Company and Schools and Libraries Division to receive discounted services. Filing your documents in a timely manner as defined by deadlines established by Universal Service Administrative Company and the Schools and Libraries Division.
  • Engage in all necessary contact with the Customer to ensure that they comply with all requirements and deadlines. Furthermore, acting as contact for inquires by the Universal Service Administrative Company, PIA, Schools and Libraries Division and Providers of eligible services as it relates to the procurement of E-rate.
  • Tracking discounted billing or reimbursement. Due to their extensive experience when dealing with vendors or service providers, eRate Solutions, L.L.C. has developed a familiarity within the industry’s process of seeking discounts or reimbursements. This familiarity aids in streamlining the process of reimbursement management in satisfying the district’s E-rate Award.
  • Maintaining and safeguarding copies of all forms and correspondence relating to the school district’s application process. Remaining prepared for any possible additional inquiry or audit of past application processes filed by eRate Solutions, L.L.C.
  • Engaging in any and all possible audits or review requested by the SLD or FCC based on application processes completed by eRate Solutions, L.C.C. on behalf of the school district.