eRate News

Here at eRate Solutions we are currently getting underway with eRate funding year 2021 (FY21). This is for all eligible Category 1 & 2 eRate needs that will require new or renewed funding in FY21. Category 1 funding can be applied starting on July 1st, 2021, and may continue through June 30th, 2022. The Category 2 funding year can begin as early as April 1st, 2021, and will remain open through September 30th, 2022.

Funding year FY19-20 reimbursements will be completed as soon as we have all of the required invoices on file. That is for all Category 1 and Category 2 services. The above mentioned reimbursements will include the lump sum (BEAR) reimbursements (requiring service provider invoicing to file), as well as the service provider (SPI) on bill credit funding completion. Any remaining FY19-FY20 funding for either refund method or Category of service will be applied for (for BEAR reimbursements) and/or checked for accuracy (for SPI reimbursements). Please be aware that a form 498 is now required for all participants who choose BEAR method reimbursement. The form 498 is specifically for direct deposit of all current and future BEAR disbursement needs. This form will only need updated if a banking changes is made, and will stay active for ongoing funding years without need for renewal in most cases.

Again, it should be noted that approved Category2 applications can actually begin to be applied as early as April 1st, and can continue through September 30th (effectively adding approximately 6 months for purchasing, implementation, and billing of all Category2 equipment).

Please note that all telecom/phone related reimbursement percentages have dropped to zero (0) for all entities, as telecom funding is no longer included as a part of the eRate program for the foreseeable future. School and Library budgets will need to be adjusted accordingly for this program wide funding change. There will no funding available for any participants for telecom services after the conclusion of Funding Year 2019.

For prospective clients: Are you having trouble with PIA Reviews or other eRate form filing dilemmas? Do you need help with reimbursements for prior and current funding years? Perhaps the changes to eRate have you looking for answers that aren’t readily available? Would you like to have someone take over the complete E-Rate process for you?

Contact eRate Solutions, LLC at 1-866-33-ERATE for assistance with all of your E-Rate filing needs.