Who is eRate Solutions, LLC.

eRate Solutions, L.L.C. is a consulting company for the E-Rate Program located in Lawrence, KS. It was established in the year 2000 and is currently assisting over one hundred and seventy (170) applicants located in Kansas, Missouri, Texas and California. eRate Solutions, L.L.C. is a consulting group that offers a complete method to filing for the E-rate Program while remaining vendor neutral. Our comprehensive service covers all aspects of the filling process including any and all inquiry requested by Schools and Libraries Division, Program Integrity Assurance and the FCC.

The members of eRate Solutions, L.L.C. are comprised of former Technical Client Services Bureau and Client Services Bureau representatives. The Client Services Bureau and Technical Client Services Bureau operations are contracted to NCS Pearson by the Universal Service Administrative Company. Our members’ experience there includes the program’s origin in the 1998 funding year and continued into funding years 1999 and 2000. During this time we served as Form Processors, Senior Client service Bureau representatives, Client Services Bureau Supervisors, and The Technical Client Services Bureau’s Lead Representative.

During this time our duties at the Client Services Bureau and Technical Client Services Bureau included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • Processing of all Schools and Libraries Division Form Types.
  • Performing problem resolutions on all form types.
  • Responsible for the creation and implementation of new application procedure and rule changes.
  • Responding to inquiry regarding programs rules and procedures on the Client Services Bureau’s and Technical Client Services Bureau’s Helpline.
  • Responding in writing for the Schools and Libraries Division on Faxed and emailed inquiries to the Client Services Bureau and Technical Client Services Bureau.
  • Responding to escalated Applicant and Service Provider inquiries that required a higher level of investigation.
  • Quality Control for all responses from the Client Services Bureau.

We have used this in depth experience to create a diverse knowledge base from which we can draw upon as E-rate consultants. Our experience covers all aspects of this program.

Our client base represents a diverse community of applicants. Included in this select group of Schools and Libraries are some of the largest applicants in the nation as well as those in the smaller rural communities. We have tailored our service to be cost effective for any School or Library eligible under the Universal Service Fund or E-rate.

We have designed this website intended to be attractive and easy to navigate. The content will outline, in simple and easy to understand language, the E-rate Program, The Universal Service Fund and our service that we provide.
The members eRate Solutions, L.L.C. are available for your contact Toll Free: 866-33-ERATE

Eddie Holt (eddieholt@eratesolutions.com)
Executive Manager

Ryan Martin (ryanmartin@eratesolutions.com)
Systems Development

eRate Solutions, L.L.C. operates out of its facility located at 536 Fireside Court in Lawrence, KS. Any and all mail should be directed to our Post Office Box.

PO Box 1426
Lawrence, KS 66044